Delaney is in a book!

"FUNNY GIRL" is on shelves (and online)! 

Delaney and her sister Mackenzie’s essay entitled "How To Tell A Joke" is the first chapter in this "collection of uproarious stories, rollicking comics, rib-tickling wit, and more from twenty-five of today's most hilarious and beloved female writers", for ages 8-12. 

Learn more on editor Betsy Bird's blog! Or check out reader reviews on Goodreads. Peeps love it! 

"Funny Girl" is published by Viking, an Imprint of Penguin Random House LLC. 

Delaney’s older sister Mackenzie Yeager created and wrote six episodes of the hilarious “Overthinking with Kat & June” with AwesomenessTV on Youtube Premium. Watch the first episode here! (And see Delaney’s dog Vinny in #4! He’s a very, very good actor.)

”Stream it. Absolutely stream it. Overthinking with Kat & June is not only a fresh take on the awkwardness of adult friendship but it’s also a ton of fun. I understand there’s no shortage of new content out there, but Overthinking with Kat & June is an absurdly funny comedy not to be missed.”

- review

Cover art by Charise Mericle Harper.

Cover art by Charise Mericle Harper.

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"waiting for aaa" 

Delaney's play Waiting For AAA - an all-female, comedic adaptation of Waiting for Godot in two acts - went to the NYC Fringe Festival in the summer of 2015. Before it's run at FringeNYC, it was a part of the Manhattan Repertory Theater's fall festival (November 2013). It's very first run was at Pace University's Studio 501. 


"A must-see comedy that is smart, earnest, and compelling." - Aubrey Moyce, (Read full review)

"If you've read Beckett's Waiting for Godot, you will have a wonderful time seeing how Yeager has adapted the story. Even if you haven't, you'll laugh at all the antics of three lively, strong women as they drive each other to the brink and back." - Josephine Cashman, (Read full review)

Full interview with Refinery29, "One Of These Women Might Just Be The Next Mindy Kaling"

rehearsal PHOTOS:

Pictured: Liz Galalis, Victoria Ratermanis, & Briana Justina Harmon.

other plays:

Delaney has also written some other short plays. "Who Gets the Fish?" which was up for a night at the Manhattan Repertory Theater. "Sad Christmas" and "Mistaken Amenities", both of which were read at Playwrights at the Grand at The Grand Bar & Grill in Brooklyn. She hopes to write and direct more plays in the future.