Delaney’s dog, Vinny

Delaney’s dog, Vinny


(the basics)

  • Born in October 1990.

  • Raised in LA.

  • Moved to NYC in 2009 for college where she studied theater, creative writing, and fine art.

  • Became an intern at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart during her senior year of college, in 2013.

  • Was staffed as a writer on The Daily Show by 2014. Was the youngest person to ever be hired on The Daily Show, at age 23.

  • Adopted her dog, Vinny, in 2015.

  • Moved back to LA in 2018.

  • If Delaney weren’t a comedy writer, she’d be an interior designer. She decorates all her friends’ and loved ones’ homes, sometimes without their permission.

  • These are the only things you need to know about her.